‘Teen Talk’ creates suicide awareness at Douglas High School

Sarah Drinkwine October 24, 2017

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens in the United States. Nevada averaged the 10th highest suicide rate among 10-19 year-olds in the nation from 1999-2009.

To keep those rates at bay in Nevada and Douglas County, Suicide Prevention program coordinator Alisa Merino presented a "Teen Talk" to Douglas High School's Carrie McGill's health class Thursday.

Merino presented the facts about suicide and where and how to get help or what to do if a friend is suffering.

She hopes talking to teens about suicide will save lives, not just at the school, but in the community too.

"I want to give those who don't have a voice, a voice and change lives," said Merino.

During the presentation, Merino showed students a picture of smiling, angry and sad people and asked them to identify the person who was depressed and maybe thinking about suicide.

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