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In June 1998, the family of a 13-year old 7th grader received the devastating news that their son had ended his life by suicide. The news shocked the quiet, rural community of Carson Valley. In response to deep suffering and community need, a group of educators, clergy, community leaders, law enforcement and parents established the Suicide Prevention Network (SPN) non-profit agency in 1999. SPN is prevention-based and dedicated to educate, inform and support community members.

SPN has grown into an agency which provides prevention and educational resources; peer and grief support groups; coordinated services and referrals for individuals and families; community awareness events; and resources for law enforcement and first responder personnel when working with families affected by suicide.

The Suicide Prevention Network Board of Directors has made it their mission to spread awareness through education, intervention and support. The non-profit agency has partnered with other community coalitions to provide materials, training, conferences and support groups free of charge to educate the community on the warning signs and issues surrounding a person’s choice to end their life.


According to 2014 Statistics, approximately 31,000 people in the USA kill themselves each year. One person intentionally ends their life every 17 minutes. It is estimated that an attempt is made once per minute.

  • The real figure for completed suicides may be three to five times higher than this estimate because many, if not most, suicides go unreported.

  • More people die by suicide than by homicide (murder) in the United States.

  • More Nevadans die by suicide than by homicide or automobile accidents.

  • Nevada has the 4th highest rate of suicide in the United States, nearly double the national rate.

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, but is the 7th leading cause of death for Nevadans.

  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for Nevadans ages 15-24 & 2nd leading cause of death for ages 25-35.

  • Nevada has the highest elder suicide rate in the country.

  • Suicide is the 6th leading cause of death for Native American males.

  • Veterans comprise an estimated 20% of all completed suicides and female Nevada veterans are 3 times more likely to die by suicide than the general Nevada female.

  • Each suicide leaves in its wake at least six bereaved family members and friends.

  • Survivors of suicide are at a higher risk for suicide than the general public.

  • Prevention is often a matter of a caring person, with the right knowledge, being in the right place at the right time and taking appropriate action.

  • For every teen that dies by suicide, it is estimated that 100-200 teens have attempted. One of the biggest risk factors for completed suicide is a previous attempt.

  • Discussing suicide does not cause someone to die by suicide.


To provide suicide prevention and awareness through intervention, education and support services for all.




To be the champion in decreasing suicide and its impact on our community.



To create a suicide-free community by eliminating the option of suicide as a solution for escaping depression, bullying, divorce, unemployment, loneliness, mental illness or any other cause for hopelessness.


At Suicide Prevention Network, we believe that by bringing awareness and education to the workplace, schools, service clubs and homes, we have the opportunity to reduce this devastating loss of life across all ages. We know that without action there will be increased numbers of suicides in the local area. We all need to work together to educate, inform & support our community and prevent additional tragedies.

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